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Scribantur hæc in generatione altera: Quarta pars


Andrea Gabrieli (c.1532 - 1585)

Text source: Psalm 101/102

preview of first system of score

Score: 20-gabrieli--scribantur_haec_in_generatione_altera-quarta_pars---0-score.pdf

MIDI files:

   Num       Name       Cleffing;
   1       cantus       part in treble clef
   2       quintus       part in treble clef
   3       altus       part in alto clef
   3       altus       part in treble clef
   4       tenor       part in alto clef
   4       tenor       part in octavated treble clef
   5       sextus       part in bass clef
   6       bassus       part in bass clef

CPDL link:,_exaudi_orationem_meam_(Andrea_Gabrieli)
IMSLP link:,_exaudi_orationem_meam_(Gabrieli,_Andrea)